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Australian Native - Lemon Myrtle Farms


World's largest producer of

  • Lemon myrtle essential oil
  • Lemon myrtle organic tea
  • Lemon myrtle food flavouring


LEMON MYRTLE FARMS manage plantations of 1.2 million Lemon Myrtle trees certified 100% organic by The Organic Food Chain. LEMON MYRTLE FARMS provide 100% organic certification for countries world-wide; including USDA/NOP, EU and JAS. Extensive Analysis data is also available.


Strict organic and HACCP procedures are implemented during all stages of production.


LEMON MYRTLE FARMS supply superb quality Lemon Myrtle organic tea, food flavouring and essential oil for export and domestic markets.


Lemon Myrtle (backhousia citriodora) is an Australian native tree indigenous to the coastal, sub-tropical rainforests of Queensland. Lemon Myrtle is the world's richest known natural source of citral (90 - 98%), and has an exquisite flavour and aroma described as a blend of lemongrass, lime and lemon.


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